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Lend a helping hand


At Diamonds in the Community we rely on the good will of our friends, followers, partners and sponsors.

There are many ways you can help the charity such as the following...


We are always looking for people who are wanting to give a little of their time to help us help others. From volunteering at the Monklands Baby & Family Clothing Aid, Memories Groups, Boccia Sessions or at any of our other projects we would love to hear from anyone interested in contributing.


The Monklands Baby & Family Clothing Aid is completely reliant on donations from our kind hearted followers and residents from the local community. From clothing and shoes to toys and household goods we are always on the look out for items to help stock our premises. You can check our social media for the very latest 'wish lists' or contact us at if you have any queries.


The power of social media can never be underestimated when it comes reaching out to the community. If one hundred people share a post on social media that can have the ability to reach potentially thousands of people who can provide help or who may be in need of some help.


At Diamonds in the Community we strongly believe in working together with other organisations to help improve the opportunities available to the people living in our community. Do you know of any groups or organisations that we can assist or that can give us some assistance? why not put us in touch with each other.

If you would like more inforamation on any of these or would like to discuss any other matters then please get in touch with us at


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Diamonds in the Community
Charity no. SC049275
29 Graham Street, Airdrie, ML66DD

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