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Boccia Sessions


Boccia is a wonderful all inclusive sport. It was designed for players with severe physical disabilities but can be played by all.

Boccia (pronounced Bot-cha) is a target sport played played indoors on a court. Players propel a boccia ball by rolling, throwing or kicking it towards the target jack ball.


As an activity, boccia is similar to boules but uses a soft leather ball, which means it can be played at any time in any place by anyone.    

Diamonds in the Community has a number of volunteers trained in the sport by it's governing body in Scotland, Scottish Disability Sports. We were due to have our first session on the first week of Covid lockdown back in 2020.But now as restrictions are easing we hope to have sessions starting at the first available opportunity.  

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Diamonds in the Community
Charity no. SC049275
29 Graham Street, Airdrie, ML66DD

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