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Football Memories Group

Airdrie Workmens Club, Broomknoll Street, Airdrie 

Our Football Memories Group is aimed at the elderly, those living with dementia, or those living in isolation but we are happy to welcome everyone along.


Our meetings are regularly attended by members of local care homes as well as well as individuals living in the local community. The aim of the group is to stimulate the memories of those living with dementia or to provide an opportunity for people living in social isolation to have the chance to meet up with other people and share their stories of old football favourites. 


We use photos of old football players or match programmes and video clips to aid the process, or create 'dream teams' or have quizzes all before stopping at 'half time' for a tea, coffee or the more traditional bovril with a pie.     

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If you or someone you know would like to come along and join in with one of our group meetings then please get in touch at
Groups and individuals welcome.

Coming Soon!!!

We not only hope to be adding more football group meetings, with one planned for the Bellshill area, but we hope to add more sports with Golf and Rugby memories groups planned with the help of Airdrie Golf Club and Waysiders & Drumpellier Rugby FC.  

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Diamonds in the Community
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